A Pergola That Sounds Too Good To Be True?

PergolaA backyard pergola is the perfect space to host a shaded gathering of friends and family during the warm summer months. With multiple designs to choose from, these beautiful structures elevate a standard backyard to the perfect setting for hours of outdoor entertainment. While traditional pergolas are a wonderful choice, one worry associated with them is the fear of rain showers. The benefit of choosing a structure with a motorized roof is the ability to turn a traditional pergola into a covered patio in a matter of seconds.

How does this pergola work?

In the event of an unexpected rain shower or too much direct sunlight, you can completely shade your space with the touch of a button. No more running inside! You’ll truly get to enjoy your backyard rain or shine. Traditional pergola roof slats, designed to offer shade, transition to form a solid roof, protecting you and your guests from unwelcome weather changes.

Is a motorized pergola right for me?

Absolutely! While a traditional pergola is an excellent space for entertaining, a little bit of rain shouldn’t change your party plans last minute. Rather than moving your guests inside or cancelling your gathering altogether, a motorized pergola provides a functional space in the backyard, offering you a sense of security and control.¬†Coated with an electrostatic finish, a pergola from Under the Sun Improvements is maintenance free. That means you’ll never spend a moment worrying about re-staining, refinishing, or repainting.

If you’re looking for the added benefit of having a stunning traditional pergola that can transform into a beautiful patio in a matter of moments, a motorized pergola is the perfect choice. Contact Under the Sun Improvements today to bring your vision for entertaining to life. Designed with beauty and durability in mind, our products are sure to provide exactly what you’re looking for.