Different Styles of Sunrooms


Adding a sunroom onto your home is exciting!  Creating a new room in your home that is unique and versatile.  Need more room, love watching your garden grow or enjoy a summer rain? Then a sunroom is your answer!  You can enjoy the outside all while being inside the comforts of your new room.

Under the Sun Improvements offers a wide variety of sunrooms and options which gives you the benefit of selection and pricing.  We can build you the perfect sunroom that not only suits your home and needs but your budget as well. View our gallery of recent projects for your own inspiration.


Cathedral/Gable Sunrooms

Sunroom 1

A cathedral or gable sunroom is called such by the roof style.  The roof has a tall peak and creates a cathedral style ceiling on the interior.  This ceiling style makes the room feel larger from the height of the ceiling.


Studio Sunroom


A studio room is called so based on the slightly sloped flat roof.  This roof style is streamlined and often works well with many architectural styles of homes.


Deck Enclosures

Deck Enclosure

Many people wonder how they can get more use out of their deck and if they can convert it into a sunroom.  Yes!  We can build a sunroom on your deck with the appropriate structure.


Porch Enclosure


Already have an existing porch that just needs a wall or three?  We can enclose that to create a room to use year round!


Screen Rooms to Year Round Rooms

DSCN0447In addition to the style of sunroom you’d like, another option to consider for your new room is will it be a screen room, three season or year round room?  Do you want to only use your room in the summer time or are you looking to sit in your new room while the snow is falling?

A screen room is as it sounds, walls built with screen to protect you from pesky bugs.  Another bonus of a screen room is that is shields you from direct sun, protecting your furniture from fading and providing a cooler place to hang out in the summer.  Often times, under cover from direct sun, the temperature difference can be as much as 20 degrees cooler.

A three season room is primarily used during the warmer months of the year.  Depending on the weather, traditionally this means using the room from April to October.  The walls have windows which you can open to allow in the breezes or keep out the rain.

A year round room is comfortable all year long.  You will stay cool in the summer time and warm in the winter months.  The walls have insulated windows that keep out the heat from the beating sun and the cold winter temperatures.  A year round room also comes with its own HVAC system, providing zone heating or cooling.


Other Options

Sunroom-interiorOne of the exciting parts of designing your sunroom is picking from all the options to customize your room. On the building side, we offer a wide variety of wall widths and insulating factors.  In addition, we have various levels of insulated windows.  This all means that we can create a room that works specifically for you.


On the design side, other than the variety of roof styles, you have the choice of solid or glass knee walls, angled corners, exterior colors, trapezoid glass, ceiling fans, swing doors, sliding doors and more.  All these options assure you that you will not have an ordinary cookie cutter sunroom, you will have a room that is designed exclusively for you by Under the Sun Improvements!