Three Season Sunroom

Transform Your Deck or Patio into a Three Season Sunroom

Use your deck or patio space well beyond the few months you are using them now by adding on a three season sunroom.  A three season sunroom is exactly as it states – a sunroom to be used for 3 seasons.  You can extend the use by putting in electricity and using space heaters for those colder days.  Wouldn’t it be great to sit on your “use to be” deck in comfort and protection from the elements?

Cathedral Roof Sunroom

You can instantly increase the living space of your home with any sunroom addition. As well,  you won’t have to cancel the family outdoor eating plans because it’s raining or the mosquitos are biting.  This type of sunroom will not only enhance your home, it will improve your outdoor living space.  A three season sunroom can easily be added on to your deck or patio with the proper support.

Three Season Sunroom

There are a couple of roof styles designed to fit with just about any home.  One of the styles is a gable or cathedral roof line which forms a peak, generally in the middles. This roof ties in with your existing roof and is generally shingled to match your existing roof.

studio roof sunroom

The other roof line style is called a studio, it is a flat lined roof.  This style The roof is an important part of your sunroom and needs to tie in with the style of your home.

Before Sunroom Project

After Sunroom Project

The benefit of using Under the Sun Improvements for your sunroom builder is that we carry a range of options in creating your sunroom.  We have various wall thicknesses, knee wall options, window/glass options plus so much more.  As well, you are getting tremendous experience and expertise needed to create the perfect sunroom of your dreams.  So, not matter if you’ve come to us for a year round sunroom, a three season sunroom, screen room or pergola, we can show you your options and help you determine what style or type of sunroom will work best on your home and for your situation.