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Exterior Sunroom


5 Ways A Sunroom Can Light Up Your Life

Filled with wall-to-wall windows that let the light in, sunrooms can be a worthwhile renovation and a substantial home improvement. Whether you love to relax in the comfort of the great indoors, you enjoy tending to a panoply of house plants, or you just want to take in the sights, here our top reasons why a sunroom might be for you.

1. The Views

There’s nothing like the panoramic view a three-sided sunroom can offer. If your yard is your pride and joy, a sunroom will help you appreciate it to the fullest. Turn the sunroom into a dining nook and linger over a morning cup of coffee as you admire the budding branches of spring, the lush greenery of summer, the changing colors of fall, and the snowy wonderland of winter from the comfort of indoors.

2. The Wildlife

A sunroom is for watching more than landscapes– it’s the perfect place to observe backyard wildlife without disturbing them. Set up a bird-feeder outside your sunroom and admire the array of songbirds (and occasional squirrel) that come to visit you. In more remote neighborhoods, your sunroom might grant you a glimpse of deer or foxes as well.

3. The Sunshine

Sunrooms are the perfect place to soak up sunshine without catching a sunburn– all of the benefits, none of the drawbacks. And when winter comes around, kiss thoughts of seasonal affective disorder goodbye– just lounge in the sunroom to get your dose of Vitamin D.

4. The Light

Calling all artists! The amount of light that a sunroom offers is perfect for dabbling in arts and crafts. Set up an easel and you’ll feel like you’re painting en plein air— except with all the comforts of air conditioning.

5. The Gardening

A sunroom is just right for setting up an indoor garden. Your potted plants are guaranteed to get plenty of light, and you’ll never have to worry about whether they’ll be damaged from frost, snow, or rain.

Sunrooms are a valuable and cost-effective addition to any home and any household. They’re the perfect way to let a little sunshine into your life.